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New book collects transformative, extraordinary experiences of everyday people

More than ever, the world needs empathy, creativity, awareness and leadership. There are transformative events that can spark them. Several of the experiences were related by current or former students of IAC, a non-profit that we support which educates the public about these extraordinary experiences. At I-ACT, we provide mentoring on how to use these experiences in a way that expands well-being and performance.

In this book, Dr. Torben Riise (Danish-American scientist) and I-ACT co-founder Nelson Abreu (Indo-Portuguese-American engineer) collected 32 accounts of 9 types of extraordinary human experience, 9 brief overviews, and 3 scholarly articles in this new book. They aim to demonstrate that these these experiences are common, attainable, entertaining, inspiring, healing and transformative.

ORDINARY PEOPLE, EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCES is now out on paperback and Kindle on Amazon, as well as Google Play and iTunes.

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