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Join the I-ACT applied consciousness community in Los Angeles for another event! Can't attend in person? Look for the livestream on our Facebook page.

This time, meet Consciousness scholar, inventor, entrepreneur, and overall change-maker Adam Curry. Adam has interned at the historic Princeton PEAR laboratory, commercialized consciousness technologies through Psyleron, supported consciousness science organizations and is spearheading the effort to bring a new app into the world which explores effects of consciousness in the physical world.

You will have a chance to discuss how consciousness science and practice can have applications in our everyday world. You can also experience some consciousness technologies which Adam will bring along!

This event is a thank you gift for IAC volunteers and those who donate $25 or more to IAC (tax-deductible), which will host the event, or KPFK 90.7 FM, media sponsor. After our community event, IAC will offer a consciousness development workshop as part of its new IAC Life series.

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Community Event: Conscious Tech with Adam Curry

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