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I became conscious that my evolution is in my hands, as now I am aware of the tools available for this.

The session with Nanci was extremely valuable to me, and my work. Consciousness work is perfect to tap into creativity and to tap into the energy to execute on it.

"It has helped me a lot in my personal improvement and with the people I meet daily. I am feeling more energized daily."

I was more focused and vitalized for the next 24 hours, after using the sound table. While I was using it, I achieved a quiet relaxation state, mental clarity and felt like I was first connecting more with my body and then expanding beyond it! As a left-brained engineer, I did not expect I could experience such states this easily. It reminded me of experiences I had in childhood that I had forgotten about, like feeling that I was like a bird, flying freely.

It brought about several benefits, such as: expansion of my energetic self-control, impressive de-intrusions; powerful internal renewal of behavior and paradigms, constructs and principles; enhanced practical understanding of ethics; greater capacity of dealing with external pressures and intrusions; and improved self-awareness.

In the past 10 months, there was a significant change in myself, even colleagues noticed...

I could much more clearly identify the interferences I was suffering. This course was a turning point in my life!

Helped me mainly to achieve more bioenergetic self-awareness, more self-criticism

I feel as if I have awaken to reality in which there are no ‘self-corruptions’ and my only way is to go forward. This is a prospect that brings me liveliness and hope of inner peace.

I could clearly realize, in my day-to-day life, an upgrade in the quality of my [inner manifestation]. I also understand that the changes affected positively several individuals in my [relationships].

I felt I was ‘out on a limb’. I felt like I hit a rock wall and could not see how to change this scenario. [...] my life is changing for the better in all aspects. 

The individual feedback received in the private sessions together with the confidence in the experience, energetic capacity, and moral authority of the instructors helped me to devise a new path towards my energetic self-sustainability and assistantiality.

[...] led me to the recovery of awareness and changes in my priorities. The course taught me to deal with some unresolved issues I had for years.

[...] opened my mind to the importance of the binomial ‘Mastery of Energy - Emotional Stability.'[...] In regards to the ‘bioenergetic personal-training’ sessions, the results were well above my expectations.

I started in one of the most emotionally unstable phases of this life. I am pleased to realize that I am today more secure, self-confident and stable. The fears, apprehensions and repressions related to the "uncontrolled parapsychism" I was experiencing were largely minimized by the clear and detailed information.

Despite of being aware of my inner obstacles, I was able to find the motivation to go on with my personal development. I felt an improvement in my life, including in my physical health and in the quality of my sleep.

I was indignant at the direction that my life had taken. Slowly, my self-esteem and creativity started to return. I began to understand the multidimensional process of the group that I am a part of.

I gained more confidence in myself and how I teach.

[...] made me see my weak traits. Yet, it also helped me recognize my strong traits, made me take more seriously my intuition and my energetic self-control. The individual evaluation sessions help a lot as well. It was very good for me to become conscious of my real level of bioenergetic control (which was below the ideal) and recognize that I still have to study about various topics. It allow me perform a deep, balanced and unemotional analysis of myself. With the clarifications provided, I know I will be able to overcome many of my limitations.

The points brought during the individual evaluation sessions were very precise and made me be a more direct and assertive person. This was a determining factor in the improvement of many aspects of my life.

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