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Welcome to I-ACT


Like you, I-ACT believes a more conscious world is possible! We apply the power of awe and rapport of intentional experiences to help you ignite your creativity, develop your leadership and support your integral well-being.  With the realm of the subjective playing an increasingly important role for social and commercial enterprise, the world needs you to do more of what makes you awesome. 


With I-ACT Evolutionary Mentorship, community events, and conscious tech resources, individuals and organizations tap into the power of intentional experience and rapport. Our clients develop more conscious leadership, creativity and well-being for more effective and meaningful personal, professional and civic life.


I-ACT works with innovators in the sciences, engineering, architecture and design, film and other arts, problem-solvers and creatives who seek their next breakthrough insight. We also help individuals who seek to remain healthy and vital through their demanding lifestyle. We draw on a trusted network of experts in consciousness development and wellness and leading-edge techniques and technology to help individuals and organizations worldwide. 



For this, we created I-ACT as a community of trusted, caring mentors at the cutting-edge of consciousness science, practices, and technology we call Conscious Tech to act as agents of inspiration to foster the potential of individuals, organizations and communities. Our insights and technology create an unprecedented holistic, multi-dimensional confluence of resources to help you achieve your next lucidity breakthrough for new levels of wellness, awareness and purpose.


At I-ACT individuals and organizations can find trusted mentors, a sounding-board, a new perspective. We also bring you cutting-edge services, products, techniques, and technology as consciousness science and wellness practices evolve. We also understand that consciousness science and paradigm transformation can have far-reaching implications in various fields from policy-making to product design.


Almost everything in life is done in a specific way or with a method, which can often be improved. Other things only work well if we have the right technical knowledge. Are there techniques for personal, civic and organizational development? 


Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes: the study of techniques. Simply put, we believe in using techniques that work. We believe in humanity’s ability to discover and apply solutions to the pressing problems we all face individually and collectively. Sometimes this means taking bold steps in life but mostly it’s composed of small, practical steps. We are here to help you take lucid steps using consciously-chosen pathways and methods.   

I-ACT recognizes that there are transformative and positive experiences can be facilitated by techniques that I-ACT's founders and consultants investigate, practice and mentor for decades. Such experiences help us change our perspective and support us to become ever more effective agents of positive, structural change to co-create the better future we know is possible, for ourselves, our organizations, our communities, and our Planet.  


In other words, we acknowledge that do not react to things we know in theory the same way as things that we experience viscerally. We are moved by experiences, relationships not by data or facts alone. Consciousness science – but above all, consciousness practices – allow us to become more perceptive and achieve new levels of awareness, rapport, inspiration, creativity, leadership, ethics and maturity.


At I-ACT, we refer to technology and techniques that can promote and facilitate such experiences of insight and cognitive shift, as well as enhanced health and happiness, as "conscious tech." 

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