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Our Executive Team

One of our co-founders noticed that whenever a broad and responsible approach was offered by a professional, it was focused on his or her specialization, resulting in gaps that required other professionals in different areas of specialty. Disconnected from one another, each professional conducted their work in different, if not dissonant, directions, and not necessarily sharing a common vision and set of standards. She envisioned a community of inspiration, lucidity, and wellness that even the most effective coach could benefit from. She reached out to those she admired, leaders in personal development and their select network.  I-ACT was born: a think-and-do-tank and an ecosystem of insightful, caring and trusted experts from around the world, with complementary practices, approaches and technologies with a shared vision for the future. 


What distinguishes our leadership team? Extensive personal experience. Moments of awe. Transformative experiences. Expansions of awareness. Eureka! At some point in our lives, we experienced something that would change our lives forever and that would eventually lead us to cross paths. In our own way, each of us caught a glimpse of what is possible when we tap into deeper dimensions of our mind and being: a sense of oneness or connection with nature, with another, or even with All; a cosmic perspective, an out-of-the-box, bird’s eye view of life; an unparalleled moment of insight.


We have spent decades investigating such experiences, how to promote them, and how to harness their positive effects for greater wellness and for growth and renewal at an individual level as well as organizational.

We look forward to seeing what you set in motion with your next lucidity breakthrough.


Nanci Trivellato, MSc is an international consciousness, biofield and personal development coach; award-winning consciousness scholar and author of "Vibrational State";  co-founder and executive of international consciousness research and education organizations; and senior researcher at International Academy of Consciousness.

Paulo Vieira de Castro is I-ACT's Director of Organizational Well-Being, which develops training and consulting for community, civic, educational and professional leaders based on power of consciousness. Paulo is a renown Portuguese author in the field of awareness for organizations. He has authored and contributed to 6 books in this area. His work has been published in some of the most prestigious journals in business.

Wagner Alegretti, BSEE is an international consciousness, biofield and personal 

development coach, pioneer of fMRI biofield detection method and author of "Retrocognitions"; 

senior researcher at International Academy of Consciousness; co-founder and executive of 

consciousness research and education organizations.

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