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I-ACT Evolutionary Mentoring

Who are we?  What do we do?

At I-ACT, we consider every person an evolving consciousness that already has clear talents and accomplishments but, naturally, still wishes to discover new aspects of their inner reality and continually develop themselves.

We observe that when individuals augment their knowledge, including the underlying reasons for their reactions, perceptions, and life events, they uncover the means to enhance their self-esteem, balance, resoluteness, endurance, and spiritual evolution.

Hence, attention is also given to aspects that are not always obvious to most people, employing concepts and techniques associated with subtle, extraordinary perceptions and non-ordinary states
and unconscious processes.

We aim to create a forthcoming and affable space where the client’s inner issues, desires, fears, traumas, limitations, perceptions, insights, feelings, skills and aspirations can be acknowledged anddiscussed openly.

Everyone could use a trusted confidant, a mentor, a sounding-board, a new perspective… We seek to provide it, in a genuinely human way, aiming at bringing to the surface our clients' potential, both manifest and latent, empowering them to transform their particular traits into a set of mastered tools, which, in turn, can make them happier and more lucid individuals.

At I-ACT, we consider every person an evolving consciousness that already has clear talents and accomplishments but, naturally, still wishes to discover new aspects of their inner reality and continually develop themselves.

First Step: Sign up for an Evaluation Session (online or in-person)

For your initial inspiration and multidimensional wellness mentoring you will be welcomed by I-ACT co-founders and senior IAC researchers and instructors Nanci Trivellato or Wagner Alegretti. The work performed by Nanci and Wagner is derived from their three decades each of activities centered on research, education, and individual mentoring in the field of multidimensional personal development around the world, from Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo. The broad-spectrum of phenomena they have experienced firsthand, especially out-of-body experiences, provide them with a significant edge for the work they do in these sessions.

With over 1,000 clients whom they have coached in Evolutionary Mentoring sessions since 2002, Nanci and Wagner have the experience to help you to define a game plan for achieving your next breakthrough. The seasoned mentors can support you in achieving certain transformative altered states, developing your intuition, getting your next big idea, improving your leadership, or implementing healthier habits. Wagner and Nanci leverage I-ACT's community network of resources and experts on various wellness and development specialties to bring you the mentorship, techniques, and technologies you need to succeed.

Follow up sessions - a sequence just for you

You may choose to take follow-up sessions in which you continue the work initiated in the first session, bring issues that became relevant, evaluate the progresses you are making, adjust the strategies that are being employed. In addition, if a consultant of a specific area is needed, I-ACT can support you as well and Nanci or Wager would suggest it, if appropriate. Each carefully-picked consultant of I-ACT will carry out sessions according to a custom plan of action for you.

Please inquire to discuss your goals.  

Discover how our services may help you achieve the
wellness and lucidity breakthrough you or your team seek!

About the Mentoring sessions

The sessions are tailored to your needs, and fully customisable depending on what your objectives are.
Areas that can be addressed and worked on during an evolutionary mentoring session and some examples of what you can achieve in these sessions:

 A deeper understanding of your psychic abilities and perceptions

 Assessment of energy capacities to feel and control energy, including self-defense


 Detection of the most appropriate steps and strategies to further develop and control your
energy field

 Get a clear view of potential energetic blockages you may have and how to clear them


 Guidance and support to identify your life mission


 Identify strategies to help you achieve your life plan and align your current priorities to what
you really want to achieve in life


 Get individual strategies to help your energy body become healthier, more resilient and protect
yourself against intrusion / psychic attacks


 Realization and understanding of psychic-based traumas, fears, or phobias


 Checkup of your VELO and Vibrational State, and needed clarifications


 Clarification of questions pertaining to parapsychic experiences in general, including the out-of-

body experience, channeling, and influences from non-physical presences


 Examination of non-physical factors that may be influencing you or others close to you

 Analysis of psychic phenomena experienced during childhood, including the effects this produced both during childhood and later in life


 Analysis of critical issues that you may have been experiencing (issues of the present or related
to your past)


 Optimizations and guidance for having fantasy-free, healthy past-life recalls


'Evolutionary Mentoring aims to support the acceleration of your evolution. It does so by working
with any issue you may need to increase your power and self-confidence to become even more
productive and balanced in multiple levels.

NOTE: Evolutionary Mentoring sessions do not replace the specialized services provided by health
professionals. I-ACT reserves the right to refuse admission.

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