Evolutionary Mentoring: United States

To begin our work together, start with an Evaluation Session (in person or online). After your initial evaluation session, you can select a package of sessions so we can support you toward achieving your objective. Periodic follow ups are also available for existing clients. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!

At I-ACT, we consider every person an evolving consciousness that already has clear talents and accomplishments but, naturally, still wishes to discover new aspects of their inner reality and continually develop themselves.


Our upbringing, life events and personal, subjective experiences — whether acknowledged or unconscious — and multidimensional factors contributed to make us who we are, but they do not have to fully determine our future. 


We observe that when individuals augment their knowledge, including the underlying reasons for their reactions, perceptions and life events, they uncover the means to enhance their self-esteem, balance, resoluteness, and endurance.


We strive to develop organizations and communities that see the individual as a whole, including physical, energetic, emotional, mental and situational conditions, keeping in mind untapped potential for renewal and growth.


Hence, attention is also given to aspects that are not always obvious to most people, employing concepts and techniques associated with subtle, extraordinary perceptions and non-ordinary states and unconscious processes.


We aim to create a forthcoming and affable space where the client’s inner issues, desires, fears, traumas, limitations, perceptions, insights, feelings, skills and aspirations can be acknowledged and discussed openly.


Everyone could use a trusted confidant, a mentor, a sounding-board, a new perspective… We seek to provide it, in a genuinely human way, aiming at bringing to the surface our clients' potential, both manifest and latent, empowering them to transform their particular traits into a set of mastered tools, which, in turn, can make them happier and more lucid individuals.