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Evolutionary Mentoring: United States

To begin our work together, start with an Evaluation Session (in person or online). After your initial evaluation session, you can select a package of sessions so we can support you toward achieving your objective. Periodic follow ups are also available for existing clients. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!

At I-ACT, we consider every person an evolving consciousness that already has clear talents and accomplishments but, naturally, still wishes to discover new aspects of their inner reality and continually develop themselves.


Our upbringing, life events and personal, subjective experiences — whether acknowledged or unconscious — and multidimensional factors contributed to make us who we are, but they do not have to fully determine our future. 


We observe that when individuals augment their knowledge, including the underlying reasons for their reactions, perceptions and life events, they uncover the means to enhance their self-esteem, balance, resoluteness, and endurance.


We strive to develop organizations and communities that see the individual as a whole, including physical, energetic, emotional, mental and situational conditions, keeping in mind untapped potential for renewal and growth.


Hence, attention is also given to aspects that are not always obvious to most people, employing concepts and techniques associated with subtle, extraordinary perceptions and non-ordinary states and unconscious processes.


We aim to create a forthcoming and affable space where the client’s inner issues, desires, fears, traumas, limitations, perceptions, insights, feelings, skills and aspirations can be acknowledged and discussed openly.


Everyone could use a trusted confidant, a mentor, a sounding-board, a new perspective… We seek to provide it, in a genuinely human way, aiming at bringing to the surface our clients' potential, both manifest and latent, empowering them to transform their particular traits into a set of mastered tools, which, in turn, can make them happier and more lucid individuals.


Getting started

Tap into the power of intentional experience and rapport. Develop more conscious leadership, creativity and well-being for more effective and meaningful personal, professional and civic life.

First Step: Sign up for an Evaluation Session - Online or In-Person

For your initial inspiration and wellness mentoring webconference or telephone assessment, you will be welcomed by I-ACT co-founders Nanci Trivellato or Wagner Alegretti, personal transformation experts with 6 decades of combined experience. They have attended to thousands of individuals in one-on-one sessions throughout the world, employing their multi-dimensional perspective and consciousness-based techniques. Their unparalleled approach stems from advanced mindfulness and intuition methods they have been practicing, teaching and researching over the decades. 


This session will give you the opportunity to discuss with the team leaders about your needs and goals so that you can co-devise a custom plan that may include a variety of specialty coaches that comprise our support ecosystem. They will make a multi-angled assessment and share their perceptions and the possible line of work to improve your overall condition and performance.


A sequence of sessions just for you 

Each carefully-picked consultant of I-ACT, including Wagner and Nanci themselves, will carry out the coaching and wellness sessions according to a custom plan of action for you or your organization. Respecting the uniqueness of each person, every step of the work is planned in an individually-tailored fashion, designed and performed according to your needs.


Sessions will include a customized schedule for your needs and will include sessions with our mentors, advisors, nutritionists, personal trainers, and other specialists. These can be taken separately or for your convenience, we offer special packages. Each session must be taken a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 2 months apart from each other. Length of time between sessions will be decided according to the type of sessions and needs. 


Our packages include evaluation sessions with Wagner and Nanci to evaluate progress.


Additional Sessions


If you are an existing customer and you wish to add “maintenance” evaluation or routine coaching sessions beyond your existing plan to suit your needs, you can sign up for individual sessions. Please note these sessions will be scheduled based on availability of our advisors as they are not a part of a regular package and there may be a waiting period. Pricing may vary depending on consultant and service.


Please inquire to discuss your goals.  

Discover how our services may help you achieve the
wellness and lucidity breakthrough you or your team seek!

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