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Wagner Alegretti, BSEE is a managing partner, co-founder, senior researcher and Evolutionary Mentor at I-ACT. Wagner has been a consciousness researcher, coach and instructor for three decades. He graduated as an electrical engineer (USP - Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil) in 1983 and worked in power generation, medical equipment and software development for telecommunications systems. He accumulated vast and diverse professional experience working across different types of companies: family-owned small businesses, governmental, multinational, non-profit and volunteered based organizations.

Motivated by his own out-of-body experiences, which started during his childhood, he began dedicating to consciousness research in 1980, specializing in subtle energy, OBEs and other psi phenomena. He has been instrumental in furthering a multidimensional approach to consciousness science into the international arena, since he left Brazil and moved to the USA in 1994, and also in the establishment of the non-profit International Academy of Consciousness (IAC), its office in London, where he lived for 10 years, and its research campus in Portugal. He served as president of IAC from 2001 to 2014 and is currently one of its most senior researchers and faculty.


Alegretti has been offering conferences, courses and trainings in this area since 1985, having lectured in universities and congresses around the world, as well as courses in many countries of the American, Asian, European and Oceanic continents. During this time, having had close contact with thousands of people in his courses, lectures, workshops and one-on-one sessions, Alegretti amassed substantial experience in performing personal mentoring, consciousness guidance, coaching and energy evaluations. In the area of philosophy, Alegretti dedicates to and fascinated by the study of cosmoethics (ethics based on a multidimensional paradigm of consciousness) and its implications. He has being working as associate editor of the JofC (Journal of Consciousness) and authored the book Retrocognitions, published in English, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish, and being translated to French and Italian.



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