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Our Specialties

The most important step is finding what works best for our clients. First, we help them to evaluate and discover a pathway that empowers them as individuals, couples or teams to move forward.  Our coaching and counseling community of trusted, caring and ethical experts brings together a variety of cultural backgrounds and areas of expertise that include but are not limited to the following: 


  • Consciousness research and applications

  • Bioenergy or biofield training *  

  • Analysis and identification of one’s life purpose

  • Transformational states of consciousness

  • Lucid dreaming and other healthy non-ordinary states of consciousness

  • Psi research

  • Psychological therapy and counseling (see NOTE)

  • Conflict resolution and multi-cultural training

  • Writer's block and non-fiction writing strategy

  • Organizational change and improvement of institutional climate **

  • Leadership skills/implications/associations

  • Stress management

  • Sports performance

  • Ethics

  • Complementary alternative medicine (CAM)

  • Mitigation of undesirable external influences, including multidimensional aspects **

  • Improvement of environments, including multidimensional

  • Relationship coaching

  • Social skills and Workplace relations and attitudes

  • Efficiency and process management

  • Non-profit management

  • Educational design

  • Nutrition 

  • Fitness

  • Yoga and Mindfulness practices

  • Vibroacoustics and sound therapy

* Typically performed online, but may require more involved online session or in-person session
** Typically done in-person / on-site 


NOTE: I-ACT products and services are not meant to act as diagnosis, treatment or therapy of any physical or mental health condition. While our coaching and counseling community of trusted, caring and ethical experts includes therapists and counselors licensed in certain jurisdictions, our services are not meant to replace the services of a professional licensed psychologist or physician. 

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