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Our coaching and counseling community of trusted, caring and ethical experts brings together a variety of cultural backgrounds and areas of expertise. If you have already benefited from Evaluation Sessions and a sequence of specialty coaches, but you would like to schedule an additional, stand-alone coaching session with one of our coaches, this option may be for you.

This option does not include Evaluation Sessions with Wagner or Nanci and are typically not available to first-time clients. First-time clients should begin their I-ACT experience with an Evaluation Session.

Online Follow Up Evolutionary Mentorship (60 min)

  • The most important step is finding what works best for our clients. First, we help them to evaluate and discover a pathway that empowers them as individuals, couples or teams to move forward.  Our coaching and counseling community of trusted, caring and ethical experts brings together a variety of cultural backgrounds and areas of expertise that include but are not limited to the these.

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