Paulo Vieira de Castro
Paulo Vieira de Castro
Long live the crisis!
Paulo de Castro

Paulo Vieira de Castro is I-ACT's Director of Organizational Well-Being, which develops training and consulting for community, civic, educational and professional leaders based on power of consciousness. Paulo is a renown Portuguese author in the field of awareness for organizations. He has authored and contributed to 6 books in this area: The Civilization of Fear (2017); Long live the crisis: the awakening of awareness in uncertain times (2014), Samurai Management - To Lead is to Serve (2013), Marketing In Change of Context (2012), Dharma Marketing: Spirituality in Business (2011), Economics and Spirituality: Reforming the Business World (2011).


His work has been published in some of the most prestigious journals in business such as HSM Management (Brazil), Época NEGÓCIOS (Brazil), Marketeer (Portugal), Pronews (Brazil), ALSHOP NEWS (Brazil), Zen Energy (Portugal), Weekly Advertising and Marketing (Brazil). Castro developed the Doshu aspect of the Samurai Mental Training model. For over a decade, he has been active in teaching and collaborating in the areas of Strategic Management, Marketing and Communication with various graduate and post-graduate institutions.


Paulo has acted as a consultant in projects in various areas of business administration. He is certified as an international coach by ICC (International Coaching Comunitty, UK), an Associate Coach at Mindcoach (Portugal) and member of the FESCOOP - The Cooperative of Ethical Finances in Portugal. 


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