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Accumulate 30 contact hours toward the I-ACT Organizational Well-Being: Leadership certificate: in-person and online courses in Portuguese and English, live or recorded. 

Custom experiences and training can also be designed for your personal or professional
well-being, growth and performance objectives. Contact us today.

Workshop 4: Mental Clarity in California and ONLINE

September 21, 2018

Making and facilitating decisions is one of the most challenging parts of leadership and management. It is important to be familiar with mental processes that can either cloud or sharpen our judgement in moments of critical decision-making. Wagner Alegretti has experienced both the corporate and the non-profit sector in various countries and cultures, and has sought to reconcile both reason and intuition in his leadership. 

Date and Time to be Confirmed

Workshop 5: Self-Acceptance versus Transformation (CALIFORNIA and ONLINE)

September 22, 2018

There are two major lines of thought with regards to individuals: seek to mold individuals in your team or simply adjust and work around their characteristics - some see these as immutable characteristics, while others see them as strengths and weaknesses that can be worked on. The leaders must first and foremost know him or herself and assess where acceptance is the the best way or where transformation is possible or even required for the sake of well-being and personal and professional growth. Nanci Trivellato, MSc facilitates this workshop.

Date and time to be confirmed

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