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Phazr, the vibroacoustic experience platform, was co-developed by I-ACT's engineers Nelson Abreu and Wagner Alegretti with physicist consultant Thomas Anderson to facilitate achievement of altered states of consciousness and to stimulate experiences and related benefits associated with the vibroacoustics, the biofield (chi) - such as the vibrational state, lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences. It was presented at the International Congress of Consciousness and tested by leading consciousness practioners and lay folks alike. The "sound table" is already in use for personal and professional applications in North America and Europe. The Phazr is ideally suited for augmenting therapeutic, creative, musical and virtual reality experiences.NOTE: Price excludes shipping (and duties and fees associated with shipping outside of the U.S.). Contact us with your shipping location for details.It includes the full Phazr sound immersion table system, digital files for relaxation, OBE, VELO and more, as well as up to an hour of instructional time via web.

Phazr - Vibroacoustic Experience Platform

SKU: Phazr1
  • The "Sound Table" - a vibroacoustic bed for enhanced creativity and wellness - was presented at the 1st International Congress of Consciousness in 2015 by I-ACT co-founder Nelson Abreu, where it was sampled by international experts and over a hundred attendees. 

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