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How conscious tech can promote paradigm shift: from personal to global change

The current planetary crisis is demonstrative of the inadequacy of the materialistic worldview as a paradigm upon which to build civilizations. Not only is the ailing materialistic paradigm challenged by the physics and consciousness research of the last century, materialism lacks internal, logical consistency. For all the claims of scientism that the human essence does not exist, that we are just pieces of matter, it reaches such conclusions through experience and thought, which take place in the realm of consciousness. Truly, only consciousness could be simultaneously this clever and unwise as to negate itself!

Why is this pathological, destructive paradigm so persistent? Our senses give us a false sense of solidity of matter and hide the possibility that it is only the tip of the iceberg of a spectrum of consciousness realities revealed through transpersonal experiences. Such experiences can be facilitated by techniques that I-ACT's founders and consultants investigate and practice for decades. By changing our worldview, we become agents of positive, structural change, helping co-create the better future we know is possible, for ourselves, our organizations, our communities, and our Planet.

In other words, we do not react to things we know in theory the same way as things that we experience viscerally. We are moved by experiences, not data or facts. We are moved by the image of a single, beached refugee child, and not by statistics that we cannot comprehend. Consciousness science – but above all, consciousness practices – allow us to become more perceptive and achieve new levels of awareness, ethics and maturity.

At I-ACT, we refer to technology and techniques that can promote and facilitate such experiences of insight and cognitive shift as "conscious tech." Technology and other fields, themselves, have always been inspired by non-ordinary states of consciousness. We envision a non-reductionist, consciousness-centric world built upon dignity and respect for self and all life, that strives for the highest level of evolutionary accomplishments of the individual and societies. To us, this means a more ethical and equitable humanity that facilitates the realization of potential and promotes the richness of experiences and relationships. Such a society values the irreducible nature of our inner life and our collective synergies, including our desire to enjoy and share liberty, discovery, delight, inspiration, accomplishment, cooperation, and spiritual evolution.

We look forward to facilitating your next lucidity breakthrough! Read more in the article one of our co-founders published this month in Australia's LivingWell magazine, in the occasion of his presentation at the Shifting Paradigms conference at Deakin University. The conference also featured Club of Budapest's prof. Ervin László, Humanity's Team Steve Farrell, UNESCO's Dr. Russel D' Souza, among others.

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