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1-on-1 Psi / Energy / Intuition / Awareness Mentoring Sessions in California & Mexico

Our evolution encompasses more than our eyes can meet. Internal growth directly involves the spiritual or transcendental aspects of our selves. Evolutionary Mentoring aims to support the acceleration of your personal evolution. It does so by working with any issue you may need to increase your strength and self-confidence to become even more productive and balanced in multiple dimensions.

Work performed during the sessions employ decades of expertise coupled with a deep appreciation for ethical principles using an intuitive and consciousness-based paradigm.Take advantage of in-person 1-on- 1 Evolutionary Mentoring sessions with Nanci Trivellato and Wagner Alegretti this Fall in the US or year-round online. For online or in-person ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS, contact us.

In-presence sessions will be available in the USA and MEXICO FALL 2018: ✅ LOS ANGELES: Sept 24 to Oct 4 ✅ SAN FRANCISCO: Oct 29 to Nov 8 ✅ MEXICO CITY: Oct 11 to 18

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