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TEDx talk on positive cognitive shifts of intuitive, transformative, altered states of consciousness

Our co-founder Nanci Trivellato's TEDx talk is now available for streaming on YouTube. The IAC blog has also published an article based on the talk.

Nanci Trivellato, Msc discusses how transformative experiences can have positive effects in our lives is now available for streaming. Learn about the extraordinary altered states of consciousness that bring out the intuitive and paradigm-shifting inspiration that make I-ACT coaching, consulting, and educational activities so different. Natural, but impactful phenomena like out-of-body experiences have challenged her perception of reality since childhood and led her to apply the scientific spirit to study curious and potentially transformative phenomena like the vibrational state. Whatever one may think of these experiences, they can have a positive effect on those who experience them and those who interact with them. That alone is a good enough reason to take a closer look.

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