I-ACT featured in proceedings of 1st ICC global consciousness conference

You can now acquire the 616-page Proceedings of all works presented at 1st ICC - International Congress on Consciousness, which took place May 2015 at the IAC Campus in Portugal. 

I-ACT founders Nanci, Nelson, Manori, and Wagner have papers in this special edition journal. They published advances in energy mindfulness practice and research, consciousness technologies and consciousness-centric urbanism.  

It includes summarized transcripts of roundtable discussions, including one moderated by I-ACT's Paulo Vieira de Castro! 

Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase it at a special price available at https://www.createspace.com/7110662 See the numerous scholars and the related talks and poster presentations related to the papers included in this ecclectic and thought-provoking collection: http://icc.iacworld.org/program-details/


Anais do 1o. Congresso Internacional da Consciência / Conscienciologia, que ocorreu em maio de 2015 no Campus da IAC em Portugal. 

Todos os artigos encontram-se publicados neste volume de 616 páginas, inclusivé 4 artigos de fundadores da I-ACT. Escreveram a cerca de avanços na prática, ciência e tecnologia da consciência. Aproveite a oportunidade e adquira-o a preço especial através de https://www.createspace.com/7110662 

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