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Nanci's Out-of-Body Experience Technique and Conscious Tech Updates

The out-of-body experience and related lucid sleep states can help us achieve well-being, creative problem-solving, and personal insight. In this video, I-ACT's Nanci Trivellato shares some tips and techniques that she has developed in her own practice.

Nanci and Wagner Alegretti provide individual mentoring on OBE and related applied consciousness themes as part of I-ACT's Evolutionary Mentoring for individuals. I-ACT also explores the application of consciousness science, techniques, and technologies for organizations as part of its Organizational Well-Being training and consulting.

January 12-15, I-ACT will partner with Hong Kong Polytechnic to gather leaders in consciousness science, technology, and practice for the Edge of Consciousness conference hosted at IAC Campus Europe, home of the Projectarium: an environment designed to facilitate the OBE. This event is one stop along the international Evolving Caravan tour.

On January 27, I-ACT will partner with Nova Center in Southern California to provide an exclusive experience: learn about the benefits of out-of-body experiences, lucid dreaming and related lucid sleep experiences and practical techniques on how to achieve them. Then, participants will get to learn about technologies that can aide the process like I-ACT's Neuma app and the Phazr vibro-acoustic platform. Participants will get to try techniques lying on mats and using Nova Center's flotation tanks. This will be the third activity in I-ACT's Organizational Well-Being series.

In February, we will release brand new courses by Nanci and Wagner.

Stay tuned for more details!

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