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Evolving Caravan and Conscious Tech Hub launch: London, Lisbon and more in January

I-ACT will be visiting several European cities in January with The Evolving Caravan. Learn about the Evolving Caravan Tour, the Copenhagen Declaration on consciousness and technology. Organized by Hong Kong Polytechnic School of Design, in partnership with I-ACT. Registration is now open with a special price for our community.

Jan 03 - 07: London (feat. Wagner and Nanci). Special rate for our community.

Jan 08 - 10: Netherlands (feat. Wagner and Nanci)

Jan 13-14: Lisbon (feat. Wagner and Nanci; and meet our director of Organizational Wellbeing, Paulo Vieira de Castro). Enjoy a special rate for our community.

In Lisbon, I-ACT also invites you to co-create the future of applied consciousness research and development with the launching of the Association for Consciousness Technologies (ACT) and Portugal’s consciousness technology hub. Join startups, R&D institutions, capital groups, policy-makers, practitioners, scientists, engineers, HR, physical and mental health and wellness professionals as we put this emerging sector on the map and chart the future together.

Jan 16 - 19: Paris (feat. Nanci)

Jan 20 - 22: Berlin (feat. Nanci)

Jan 23 - 26: Davos (feat. Wagner and Nanci)

Jan 27 - 30: Zurich

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