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The I-ACT Sound Table is unlike anything you've ever experienced: unless you have had OBEs, luci

What does a bus ride, the out-of-body experience and harmonics have to do with one another? You will undestand when you experience the vibroacoustic table.

The vibrational state (VS) has been described as a state of heightened activation and resonance of the biofield: it feels as if your entire body is resonanting or vibrating, hence the name. It can happen spontaneously when people are falling asleep or waking up and is often known to lucid dreamers and out-of-body experiencers. Techniques have been developed to induce the VS intentionally. Practitioners of such techniques report enhanced physical relaxation and emotional tranquility, a sense that they become isolated from the unbalanced or undesired "energy" or influence of other people or environments. It also seems to facilitate altered states of enhanced wellness, lucidity, psi or intuition and creativity.

One such experiencer is Wagner Alegretti, co-founder of I-ACT. He had noticed that on bumpy bus rides, he felt less tightly bound to the body, as if the mechanical vibration had shaken his biofield lose, making it easier for him to experience OBEs and other phenomena. We have heard reports of jet pilots having similar experiences as a result of g-forces. This seemed to imply that the subtle aspects related to chi or the biofield and OBEs might be subtle but not entirely separate and non-physical. Mechanical stimulation could trigger or faciliate some of these states...

Wagner was reminded of those bus rides when he joined fellow electrical engineer and I-ACT co-founder Nelson Abreu to lend their services as OBE/chi experts to develop the Acoustic Vibrostasiogenic System (AVS): a "Sound Table" (vibroacoustic bed) fine-tuned to faciliate the vibrational state (vibrostasis) and related phenomena like lucid dreaming and OBE - and its associated wellness, insight, intuition, creativity and personal development applications.

This first-ever AVS consists of a high-quality massage table or bed such that special sound files can be played via an electronic device (computer, ipod, smart phone) into tactile transducers to channel mechanical vibrations into the custom-modified frame of the massage table: the result of nearly 10 years of refinement by our consultant, the physicist, musician and music therapist Thomas Anderson and the century of combined experience of I-ACT co-founders regarding the induction of hightened states of consciousness and chi.

The "Sound Table" - already in its 3rd model - was unveiled at the 1st International Congress of Consciousness, May 2015, in Portugal to leading consciousness scientists and practioners and over 200 attendees from over 40 nations. Several had a chance to try the Sound Table and had great feedback for us, even though most only got to try it for 5 to 10 minutes:

"The vibroacoustic table is unlike anything I've