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Enjoy creative, relaxed mindfulness states with Phazr vibro-acoustic experience platform

The Phazr is a leading-edge technology to transport users to advanced states of energy mindfulness and experiences such as lucid dreams. It is already being used by creatives and wellness practitioners and busy professionals worldwide. I-ACT is the exclusive distributor of this technology and we will be promoting a new sound-based app to promote altered states of consciousness for creativity and wellbeing. One of the versions will be used to operate the Phazr with greater convenience. The Phazr is now being used in Portugal, Spain, the UK, Brazil, and throughout the US.

It consists of a high-quality massage bed, hand crafted such that specially-crafted sound patterns can be played via an electronic device (computer, ipod, smart phone) into tactile transducers to channel mechanical vibrations into the custom-modified frame of the massage table. It is the result of nearly a decade of refinement by our consultant, the physicist, musician and music therapist Thomas Anderson and the century of combined experience of I-ACT co-founders regarding the induction of heightened states of consciousness and chi.

The Phazr - already in its 3rd model - was unveiled at the 1st International Congress of Consciousness, May 2015, in Portugal to leading consciousness scientists and practioners and over 200 attendees from over 40 nations. Several had a chance to try the Sound Table and had great feedback for us, even though most only got to try it for 5 to 10 minutes:

  • "The vibroacoustic table is unlike anything I've ever experienced."

  • "I felt like I sat up and was about to fly away. Did I actually move?"

  • "I feel as if I had a great session of acupuncture"

  • "This is like getting high, without all the bad stuff"

  • "It's as if I had many people massaging me and opening my chakras"

  • "It helped me understand how to induce the vibrational state on my own"

  • "I tried it yesterday for 20 minutes and I felt so much vitality and energy for the rest of the day."

  • "After the session, I had important insights for my next project."

  • "I can see how this can accelerate the development of OBE and energy mastery for my students."

  • "My employees could definitely use these to relax and re-energize and even get some lateral thinking going for their creative problem-solving"

  • "I want one of these for my gym clients: they can take a warm shower and then do this as part of the recovery process."

  • "My massage customers would love this as part of post-session. And I would like to experience this after a long day"

  • "I'm able to achieve these altered states on my own, but not always this fast and this consistently. It's a great tool."

The original 13 beta testers who tried the technology before it was available to the public - inexperienced volunteer users from Nashville, Tennesse and Los Angeles, California - noted the following sensations:

  • 5 reported partial out-of-body experiences

  • 12 reported activation of biofield or vibrational state

  • 1 described a clairvoyance-like experience

  • 6 reported increased chi activation of specific areas

  • 11 reported feeling flow or oscillation of energy throughout the body

  • 12 stated the mechanical vibration was distinct from the vibrational sensation associated with the chi that persisted for some time after mechanical vibrations faded

  • 12 stated that generalized tingling sensation

  • 0 reports of adverse effects

  • 13 reported enhanced relaxation and emotional tranquility

  • 13 reported some form of altered states of consciousness

  • 1 user contacted us the next day to report an unusual, rejuvenating vitality that lasted more than 24 hours, allowing him to work a long shift without feeling tired or groggy

Advanced users like I-ACT's Wagner Alegretti and Nanci Trivellato who are easily able to produce the such states without any assistance found that the traveling vibrations in one of the setting help guide one’s attention and will so that the energies may follow the sensations, hence it can help beginners to achieve faster results and to better understand how certain chi/OBE techniques are supposed to work. Another setting allowed a quick and deep relaxation level and overall "massage" and "activation" that could facilitate states like OBEs. On a day when one is tired and not at his or her best, it could help even an expert to relax quickly and achieve better results out of their mindfulness practice. Here are some first impressions of expert practitioners and instructors who got to test-drive our Sound Table:

Most of all, we are excited that people who have demanding schedules report effects similar to floatation tanks, acupuncture or massage from the convenience of their home or office. Some of these states are profound, like being on a mind-altering substance, but without any detrimental or long-term side effects. How will you use the creativity and well-being promoted by the Phazr? We can't wait to find out!

Interested in trying it out? Interested in purchasing, leasing or distributing the Phazr? Contact us.


Transformative altered states trainer experiences Phazr for the first time:

Wagner Alegretti, internationally-renown energy mindfulness and OBE instructor and researcher, tries a beta version of the Phazr in early 2015:

English interview regarding 2015 ICC Conference presentation:

Interview in Portuguese:

Article in Spanish


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