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I-ACT's IdeaLab for Writers

If you are an aspiring academic or non-fiction writer, but are having a difficult time getting started, I-ACT has coaches with decades of editorial experience that can help you develop strategies to successfully materialize your work. We have helped several novices complete their first manuscripts, motivating them and helping them work through roadblocks along the way.

Whether you are facing a serious case of writer's block or you are simply looking forward to new ways to bring forth or develop your ideation, I-ACT can be an invaluable partner.

If you are a creative writer, we leave it to you how to write the next best-seller, Hollywood screenplay or Broadway play. However, I-ACT is here to turn ConsciousTech -- techniques and technology to help you tap into your own well of creative potential -- into your personal IdeaLab. Our decades of combined experience in the research, coaching, and practice of non-ordinary states of consciousness can help you retrieve, generate, and connect ideas in novel ways without the deleterious effects of some mind-altering substances.

Writing is not just about talent and creativity. Like other lines of work, it can be emotionally demanding and take a toll on one's mental and physical health. While I-ACT will not replace your therapist and physician, our intuitive coaches can help you explore and re-write aspects of your own life as you deepen self-knowledge and self-mastery in other areas of your life revealed by insights and challenges revealed in the process of writing and surviving the profession. Hollywood and Broadway careers can lead to isolation, especially, writers: staring at a computer screen as they craft scenes, story, and dialogue. They can become frustrated, resentful, even blue when they are not in a flow state. One can become anxious and worried about the possibility of rejection and looming deadlines. Our ecosystem of coaches can be your confidential sounding board, can motivate you pursue healthier habits like incorporating at least a little social interaction and mood-boosting exercise. They can teach you thought and chi mindfulness techniques for those moments you have to deal with unpleasant interactions and manage stress. You may also have access to tools like our innovative Sound Table to help you recover and re-tune.

Contact us learn how we may assist you in person in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, London, Rio, Lisbon, Porto and other cities or worldwide via video chat.

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