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Grow with the I-ACT Community in 2017

2017 presents many opportunities to make a difference. We are here to help you tap into the awe-inspiring source of well-being, creativity and leadership that is consciousness, so you can offer more of what makes you awesome: at home, in your community or organization. You can continue to take advantage of individualized mentorship by trusted coaches with decades of international, proven experience for wellness, creativity, insight, intuition and leadership. You can also look forward to:

  • community events

  • a new, comprehensive program for consciousness-based organizations with extraordinary, hand-picked consultants

  • courses and workshops on consciousness-based leadership, creativity, and well-being

  • our booth, talks, posters at International Congress on Consciousness in May in Miami

  • New publications by and featuring I-ACT team members

In 2016, we had our first milestones as I-ACT: we launched 1-on-1 mentoring for change-makers -- online and in person. Our community reached Australia, Portugal, UK, USA and Brazil with live activities in Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sao Paulo and Passo Fundo. Those who we could not get to in the States and Brazil and remain in a waiting list will be our priority for our next visits. Several have taken advantage of the online sessions, as well.

TEDx Passo Fundo released talks by Wagner and Nanci. Phazr, our vibroacoustic technology, was experienced in Europe, US and Brazil. Nanci published the 2nd edition of her book on the vibrational state in Portuguese. We had our first community event for L.A. with an advanced screening of the film Mandorla and an inspiring discussion on creativity and purpose. We sponsored a Portuguese-language podcast Consciencias. Wagner, Nanci and Nelson had chapters featured in the anthology The Out-of-Body Experience (UK) and Nelson in the anthology Consciousness Beyond the Body (Australia). Nanci was interviewed on KPFK Pacifica Radio and Wagner