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I-ACT presents at CSTS in Shanghai

After a great time at Transformative Technology Conference in Paulo Alto, California, I-ACT: Institute of Applied Consciousness Technologies heads to Shanghai for the Consciousness Science Technology and Society conference. Wagner Alegretti will demo our team's latest innovations related to mindfulness states that promote well-being and growth - for individuals and organizations:

  • Biofield detection research by Wagner Alegretti

  • Phazr vibro-acoustic platform developed by Nelson Abreu and Wagner Alegretti with Thomas Anderson of PhiSonics exclusively for I-ACT

  • Neuma app for the relaxation, inspiration, creative problem-solving, pain-relief associated with lucid sleep states developed by Nelson Abreu with NeumaSpace Studio, closed beta Android version available, iOS in development.

  • Neumapod designer isolation chamber for relaxation and creativity in development by Manori Sumanasinghe with NeumaSpace Studio (in development)

Click here to check out the CSTS conference program

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