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Being and Biology: landmark publication features I-ACT authors

The new anthology Being & Biology (ICRL Press, available on Amazon) offers a compendium of empirical evidence and theoretical perspectives from a broad range of scholarly disciplines, which suggest that there may be an unbroken, non-local, collective aspect of consciousness. This connectedness may link distant individuals and events beyond everyday notions of space and time. 

In this book, luminaries from around the world shed light on the possible connections between mind, body and reality itself. How might a subtle Being or the Mind affect and relate to the brain, DNA, others and the world around us? Together, the thought-provoking contributions point to a more active role for consciousness in biological evolution that transcends the creationism versus neo-darwinism debate. 

The book was edited by Brenda Dunne and the late Dr. Robert Jahn (ICRL / Princeton PEAR lab), his final work. It includes chapters by biologist Rupert Sheldrake, physician Larry Dossey, and psychophysiologist Rollin McCraty (HeartMath Institute) and several others, including I-ACT's Wagner Alegretti and Nelson Abreu. Wagner is the author of Retrocognitions and Nelson has previously written in ICRL's Filters and Reflections and three other anthologies (The Out-of-Body Experience, Consciousness Beyond the Body, Paradigmas da Sustentabilidade).

In the words of some of the contributors . . .

"Even for the most materialistic of scientists, consciousness has a privileged position as the matrix of human knowledge, the basis of science itself." —Rupert Sheldrake

"The emerging view is that consciousness is fundamental in its own right and is not produced by the physical brain; . . . consciousness may be the primordial organizing force of the universe and of life itself." —Larry Dossey

"Henri Bergson . . . posited a vital impulse he called élan vital that underlies the creation of all living things, a process of self-organization that he linked closely with consciousness." — Brenda Dunne and Robert Jahn

"Complementarity and Complexity, ubiquitous as they are, point to the need of a new kind of scientific endeavor that simultaneously brings forth and is brought from a deeper understanding of the workings of Consciousness." —Vasileios Basios

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