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Happy New Year

Last year was a challenging year for our world. There were many disappointments, concerns and tragedies, but also many triumphs, hope and breakthroughs. 2018 is shaping up to be another consequential year, with individuals and organizations keen on making a difference in their communities and the world at large. We are committed to helping you harness and share your energy and insight with the world to make it richer, more aware, healthier and happier.  

In 2017, celebrated Portuguese author and consultant Paulo Vieira de Castro joined I-ACT as a partner. With Wagner Alegretti, he created the first I-ACT course: the Conscious Leadership workshop was held in Miami and Lisbon to promote the conscious change that is so badly needed. We kick off the new year with brand new courses, like a floatation pod and OBE technique experience in Southern California, free online talks, and the Evolving Caravan events in London and Lisbon. Wagner and Nanci will return to California with brand new courses in San Fran and Los Angeles in February and March. Later this year, new consultants will bring you more cutting-edge conscious leadership and creativity courses. In the first quarter of 2018, we expect to release the Android production version of the Neuma app to help you achieve advanced states of relaxation. You can now do deep relaxation sessions with the Phazr vibro-acoustic platform at IAC London or acquire one of your own. More conscious tech advances and partnerships are in the pipeline and we will keep you posted! Last year, we were able to meet several of you in Brazil, Florida, New York, California, UK, Portugal and China. We worked together to apply consciousness techniques and technology to address personal and organizational challenges and for creative breakthroughs. In 2018, we look forward to more 1-on-1 Evolutionary Mentoring sessions in-person and online. We also look to consult with more organizations that wish to promote productivity and innovation through healthy and happy workers by leveraging the power of consciousness techniques and technology. We enjoyed our interactions at ICC 2017 in Miami, TransTech in Silicon Valley, and at CSTS in Shanghai, where we celebrated a new partnership with Crystal Globe. 2018 will bring more presentations and exchanges at conferences, starting with the Edge of Consciousness events promoted by Hong Kong Polytechnic. In 2018, we kick off the Association for Consciousness Technologies in Portugal, an international R&D hub with fellow startups, academic, non-profit, civic and capital partners. 2017 was also a year of I-ACT publications: the proceedings of the 1st ICC which included a number of I-ACT contributions, a journal publication in the WISE journal; acclaimed books by Nanci and Paulo (Vibrational State and Civilização do Medo); and the ICRL anthology Being & Biology, which included chapters by Wagner and Nelson. We expect to complete our own anthology on Organizational Well-Being in 2018 and to continue fundamental research projects that will enable tomorrow's evidence-based consciousness applications. 

Together, we can boost performance and well-being for a healthier, happier and more conscious tomorrow. 

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