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I-ACT featured in new documentary, Consciousness Exploration Perspectives filmed in Portugal

Several I-ACT co-founders and consultants are featured in this new documentary filmed during the 1st International Congress of Consciousness (ICC) in May 2015, at International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) Campus Europe – Portugal. The ICC gathered 223 academics and students of consciousness from 40 nations. Participants were from related fields such as philosophy, biology, neuroscience, medicine, engineering, psychology, sociology, mathematics, education and architecture.

Individual interviews with several of the speakers of the ICC are also available, including Wagner Alegretti, Nanci Trivellato, and Nelson Abreu from I-ACT. Each interview (average of 10 mins. in length) can be purchased individually ($1.99), or you can purchase the entire series of interviews and the documentary -- a total of over 3 hours of ideas, footage and explorations on the different perspectives on consciousness -- for $18.99. You will be pleasantly surprised by how each of these speakers is contributing with very different perspectives!

Consciousness is widely considered one of the most remarkable and persistent mysteries of science, and has been central to the world’s spiritual traditions since ancient times. Why are we aware? Where does that awareness come from? Do we survive physical death? For over a century, maverick scientists have been venturing where only religion and philosophy once dared, applying the principles of science along with new methodologies to the internal, subjective world of consciousness: the realm of our thoughts and feelings, but also extraordinary and transformative phenomena like near-death experience, out-of-body experience, premonition, synchronicity, subtle energy, and anomalous interactions with the observable world.

In this documentary, several leading voices of the emerging field of non-reductionist consciousness science paint a picture of reality with scientific experiments and models, as well as personal experiences and experiential methods. Consciousness science and practices can help the emergence of a powerful new story for the world that shows that all life is more than a biological machine and that we are interconnected with each other and nature. With a more consciousness-centric, integrative perspective, we can be more lucid and inspired to lead more cooperative and purposeful lives.

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