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I-ACT Evolutionary Mentorship in New York & Los Angeles, March 2017

Like you, I-ACT believes a more conscious world is possible! We apply the power of intentional experiences to help you ignite your creativity, develop your leadership and support your integral well-being. With the realm of the subjective playing an increasingly important role for social and commercial enterprise, the world needs you to do more of what makes you awesome.

With I-ACT Evolutionary Mentorship, community events, and conscious tech resources, individuals and organizations tap into the power of intentional experience and rapport. Our clients develop more conscious leadership, creativity and well-being for more effective and meaningful personal, professional and civic life.

I-ACT works with innovators in the sciences, engineering, architecture and design, film and other arts, problem-solvers and creatives who seek their next breakthrough insight. We also help individuals who seek to remain healthy and vital through their demanding lifestyle. We draw on a trusted network of experts in consciousness development and wellness and leading-edge techniques and technology to help individuals and organizations worldwide.


Wagner and Nanci have decades of experience in furthering their own intentional practice, as well as 1-on-1 and group mentoring around the world, from Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo. Applying intuitive and biofield techniques developed over three decades with over a 1,000 clients around the world, our senior mentors Wagner Alegretti or Nanci Trivellato evaluate your integral condition. They will also facilitate defining a game plan for achieving your next goal: whether it is achieving certain transformative altered states, developing your intuition, getting your next big idea, developing your leadership or developing healthier habits.

Wagner and Nanci leverage I-ACT's community network of resources and experts on various wellness and development specialities to get you the mentorship, techniques and technologies you need to succeed.

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