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1-on-1 Evolutionary Mentoring with Nanci and Wagner returns to California 9/30 - 10/12

Evolutionary Mentoring aims to support the acceleration of your personal evolution. It does so by working with any issue you may need to increase your strength and self-confidence to become even more productive and balanced in multiple dimensions. Work performed during the sessions employ decades of expertise coupled with a deep appreciation for ethical principles using an intuitive and consciousness-based paradigm. Take advantage of in-person 1-on- 1 Evolutionary Mentoring sessions with Nanci Trivellato and Wagner Alegretti in San Francisco (Sept. 30 to Oct. 1) and Los Angeles (Oct. 11–12). Reserve a spot and we will contact you to schedule based on your availability and remaining spots.

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About 1-on- 1 sessions and Wagner and Nanci’s Work

The work performed by Nanci Trivellato and Wagner Alegretti is derived from their three decades of joint activities centered on research, education, and individual mentoring in the field of multidimensional personal development around the world, from Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo. The broad-spectrum of phenomena they have experienced firsthand, especially out-of- body experiences, provide them with a significant edge for the work they do in these sessions. With over 1,000 clients whom they have coached in Evolutionary Mentoring sessions since 2004, Nanci and Wagner have the experience to help you to define a game plan for achieving your next breakthrough. The seasoned mentors can support you in achieving certain transformative altered states, developing your intuition, getting your next big idea, improving your leadership, or implementing healthier habits. Wagner and Nanci leverage I-ACT's community network of resources and experts on various wellness and development specialties to bring you the mentorship, techniques, and technologies you need to succeed. Note: Evolutionary Mentoring sessions do not replace the specialized services provided by health professionals. I-ACT reserves the right to refuse admission.


Recent sessions have ranged a variety of objectives:

• Advice for conducting research, developing creative works, and support and consultancy for the writing of books and articles related to consciousness

• Assessment of your energy / intuitive performance and determination of the most appropriate steps and strategies to further mastery • Support to overcome fear of the intuitive realms • Guidance and support to identify or further one's life mission • Checkup of energy practices and clarifications • Evaluation of your psi or intuitive style and skills • Clarification of questions pertaining to extraordinary experiences in general, including the out-of-body experience • Examination of subtle factors that may be influencing you or others close to you • Discussion of unusual phenomena experienced during childhood, including the effects this may produce both during childhood and later in life • An opportunity to discuss issues in confidence for a consciousness-based perspective • Optimizations and guidance for having fantasy-free, healthy altered states of consciousness, including those that tap into memory • Comprehension and of advanced techniques that may be used to aide others


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