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I-ACT at #ICCmiami2017 at a glance

I-ACT founding partners, consultants and Conscious Community members from Europe and the Americas met in Miami at the 2nd ICC. I-ACT was one of the sponsors of this landmark event.

Our first activity was on May 18 evening: a pre-conference screening of Mandorla

I-ACT's Nelson and Manori hosted a wonderful discussion with an inspired audience on consciousness, creativity and leadership with Mandorla director Roberto Miller and producer Liz Holdship.

During the conference, May 19-21, visitors dropped by our booth and several experienced our Phazr vibro-acoustic platform. Most reported rapid and profound relaxation and some described heightened and facilitated altered states. Such altered states can be highly conducive to improved wellness and creativity.

I-ACT partners were also selected for presentations. Nelson Abreu presented a research poster reporting data on an effective lucid OBE method. He also presented a work with IAC London's Joel Tortoledo on a theoretical framework for the biofield concept related to energy mindfulness.

Nanci Trivellato launched her new book on energy mindfulness and delivered a talk on extraordinary experiences among children.

Wagner Alegretti's talk on advances in biofield detection and neuroimaging of energy mindfulness state was received with great enthusiasm. The future of conscious tech looks bright!

Finally, I-ACT held a post-conference event in partnership with IAC Florida - our inaugural course in the Organizational Well-Being - Leadership certificate series. It was held with a live and online audience with current and emerging leaders from Europe, Asia and North America.

Conscious Leadership, led by Paulo Vieira de Castro and Wagner Alegretti, was a great start! Stay tuned for the next course in our Leadership series.

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