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I-ACT at #ICCmiami2017 at a glance

I-ACT founding partners, consultants and Conscious Community members from Europe and the Americas met in Miami at the 2nd ICC. I-ACT was one of the sponsors of this landmark event.

Our first activity was on May 18 evening: a pre-conference screening of Mandorla

I-ACT's Nelson and Manori hosted a wonderful discussion with an inspired audience on consciousness, creativity and leadership with Mandorla director Roberto Miller and producer Liz Holdship.

During the conference, May 19-21, visitors dropped by our booth and several experienced our Phazr vibro-acoustic platform. Most reported rapid and profound relaxation and some described heightened and facilitated altered states. Such altered states can be highly conducive to improved wellness and creativity.

I-ACT partners were also selected for presentations. Nelson Abreu presented a research poster reporting data on an effective lucid OBE method. He also presented a work with IAC London's Joel Tortoledo on a theoretical framework for the biofield concept related to energy mindfulness.

Nanci Trivellato launched her new book on energy mindfulness and delivered a talk on extraordinary experiences among children.