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Workshop 2: Mindfulness for Health and Safety in the Workplace (Los Angeles + ONLINE)

Stress at work detracts from satisfaction, health, and productivity. Mindfulness can help manage stress and prevent illnesses and fatigue, but also accidents. Most workplace injuries can be attributed to mental states and associated risk behaviors. Identify some of these mental states and how mindfulness affects the body and mind of the worker in the 90-minute online course of I-ACT for teams and individuals.

What leads to these types of risk vulnerabilities? How can mindfulness be promoted in the workplace? What are safety, health, productivity, and employee and customer satisfaction outcomes when incorporating mindfulness into the workplace? What are some practical exercises and technologies that can be employed?  We will introduce the new NEUMA OBE app as well as the Phazr vibro-acoustic app!

The course will be led by Nelson Abreu, an electrical engineer who has been applying and studying the subject in operations in high voltage and construction environments. Ideal for the worker who wants to improve their well-being and safety and leaders who want to improve conditions in their organization, to better retain talent and increase happiness, collaboration, innovation and productivity.

Earn credits for the I-ACT Certificate in Organizational Well-Being: Leadership. The second activity of this series, Mindfulness for Workplace Safety and Health will take place at IAC California in Culver City and ONLINE - 1 to 2:30 PM Pacific Register online. US$20.  $5 discount for current I-ACT clients with the code I-ACT and IAC supporters with the code IAC

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