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RSVP for May in Miami + ONLINE: Mandorla Movie Screening; Conscious Leadership Workshop; Internation

I-ACT applies the power of spontaneous and intentional consciousness and mindfulness experiences to enhance well-being in personal, organizational, and community life. ICC is where we come to meet some of the greatest minds in the field of consciousness. Enjoy our booth, presentations, and events.

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The world, from communities to educational and business organizations, need more conscious leadership. This is why I-ACT has developed a certificate program in Organizational Well-Being: Conscious Leadership. Level 1 certificate training begins with: Conscious Leadership Workshop

Meet the director and producer of Mandorla and watch their award-winning movie. Discover why audiences around the world find it both beautiful and transformative. Then, join the movie's creators for an exclusive meet and greet and discussion hosted by I-ACT on consciousness, creativity and purpose.

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